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The BMRC Video Library is available to members of the club (those who have paid their dues). A maximum of six videos (DVDs and VHS tapes) may be checked out at any one time. The checkout procedure is self-service.



  1. Write your name and the serial numbers of the videos you take on the checkout list. When you return them, cross off the numbers. We like to have a permanent record of what gets checked out so please don't completely scribble out the numbers. This way we can see what's popular so that similar videos can be bought in the future. Also please make sure that the videos are returned in their correct boxes.

  2. Return the videos at the next meeting, which is usually the following month. Exceptions are when we don't meet at our regular location, such as the traditional October meeting at Caboose Hobbies.

  3. Each overdue video accrues a fine of one dollar per month. This is necessary to keep from losing them. Please look upon this as a donation to buy more videos rather than as a penalty.


Many of the videos have been donated, and donations are always appreciated. Each year money is budgeted for new videos. If there's something you'd like added to the collection, please inform our librarian, Loren Blaney ( He's always looking for suggestions on how to spend the money. Many of the older VHS tapes have been placed in archive, due to limited storage space at the meetings. If you would like to check out an archived tape, please contact Loren and he will be glad to bring it to the next meeting.

A handy way to find a subject you're interested in is to press Ctrl+F from the Internet Explorer browser and search for key words. Thanks.

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