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To join the Boulder Model Railroad Club you must:

  1. Submit an application. To apply using our online form, click here.

  2. Pay your dues (requirements below).


To remit dues you may send payment via PAYPAL to email address of the club president or write a check and attach it (please no cash) to the application being mailed, scanned and emailed or hand delivered. After you have submitted an application we hope to see you at our next regularly scheduled meetings always held on the 3rd Thursdays at the Louisville, Elks Lodge at 7:00 pm.  


If you JOIN as a new or returning (not a paid member the previous year) member during the year, your dues are $2 per month with a $12 minimum.  For example if you join or return in January = $24, February = $22, March = $20, April = $18, May = $16, June = $14, July - December = $12

Mailing Address


PO Box 17691

Boulder, CO 80308

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